@Hamilton Nolan: I disagree with the criticism but I think bloated is the wrong word. There are almost no reporters and editors at the Times who are sitting around doing nothing and Facebook chatting. (The same cannot be said for the majority of publications.) The reason the Times is the Times is because they wildly,… » 10/28/09 2:28pm 10/28/09 2:28pm

French Convict the Church of Scientology of Fraud, Almost Ban It

The haughty, stubbornly secular, French have convicted the Church of Scientology of fraud. Just for pressuring two women to pay tens of thousands of dollars for spurious Scientological products and services! Victimization of religion says this oily spokesman. » 10/27/09 7:53am 10/27/09 7:53am

This journalistic phenomenon merits an Animal Planet show called 'When Old Editors Try To Be Hip'. See also: the recent NY Times review of Gold Bar. Shortly before that bar celebrated it's second birthday. » 9/28/09 7:43pm 9/28/09 7:43pm

If I die prematurely and in newsworthy circumstances I would like to request that - against all precedent - my graduation photo is not used as shorthand for the fact I was nice and middle class. » 9/24/09 12:23am 9/24/09 12:23am